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Words for My Mother

Happy Monday Everyone!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and Mother’s Day! Today I wanted to talk a little about my mother.

Mother’s Day is just one day a year, but Motherhood lasts 365 days a year.  My mother, Susan, is the most kind-hearted and beautiful person I know on the inside and out.  She is happy, care-free, and full of a quiet gratitude and contentment that is a rare gem in our society today.  She is strong and patient. She provides guidance and advice to at least one of my four siblings daily.

She is selfless. I remember her never buying clothes for herself anytime we ever went shopping as a child. She cooked dinner nearly every night of my childhood life.  She homeschooled me.  She taught us information as toddlers.  She relentlessly and bravely barreled forward in life as a human and mother of 4- all 5 years apart, without any hesitation or pause.  Life has had its tough, but she has always taken a moments and moved forward selflessly.  She taught me her loving wisdom and I thank God her perserverance has rubbed off on me!

She is crazy fit.  She regularly bikes 30+ miles several times a week.  She runs.  She has grown immensely in her yoga practice.  It is inspiring how she has picked up a passion for biking after all her children are grown! She is in better shape than I think I have ever seen her in my life.

She is beautiful.  Commonly mistaken as my sister, she has beautiful dark curly hair and an olive tan from her Cherokee heritage.  I am proud to have her high cheekbones!  Most importantly, she is beautiful of heart.  There are few people in this world as genuine, positive, and sweet as my mother. I never understood people gossiping and talking about others behind their backs because I absolutely never heard my mother utter negative things about others.  I only wish I could be around her to absorb all her perfect characteristics and qualities more!

I plan to be a Mother one day. I hope that I can be half as supportive and loving as she continues to be!

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This weekend we all went to the Starving Artist in Easley, South Carolina for a big family brunch.  We went with my grandmother, aunts, aunts, uncles, and cousins!  Here my Mom is with her immediate brothers and sisters and my grandmother. Below, my sister and photographer, Tillman, of Tillman Sloan photography, me, my cousin Megan, my cousin Briana, and my other sister, who is the only Mother pictured, Gabrielle!

Since we do not often get pictures together dressed up, Brad and I took some selfies together!

My earrings are from a boutique back in ’05, but I am obsessed with THESE DOLCE VITA HEELS and have been wearing them nonstop! They can also be found HERE and HERE. (HERE is a very similar style).  They run a tad large. I am usually a size 8 but went down a half-size for the mesh straps to better fit my feet.  The 7.5 fit me perfect.  I have the color blush nubuck leather It’s more of an off white or beige than blush. There is a weird spot on mine where the top layer of leather rubbed off the top.  Unfortunately it was the second time I had sent them back to Nordstrom and did not notice until after my first wear. Be sure to get a good pair! I wore them all day for 2 days and they are surprisingly comfortable.  I love how they elongate your legs and accentuate any tan you may have. In addition, they match absolutely everything!

This pink double tiered dress is from RIVER ISLAND and can be found HERE. Just look at the beautiful polka dot detail.  This dress is perfect for brunch, a day out on the town, church, or work.



EARRINGS- old, but i love THESE.






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  1. Louis says:

    You blogging blogger! I luv em! And u❤️❤️❤️😍😍👍 good stuff young lady, I luv ya!

    • Audrey says:

      Ha! Thanks Dad! <3 I am glad you enjoy it! <3 I have some amazing parents! I love you!