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A Casual Grunge Uniform for an Off-Road Adventure

Happy Humpday Everyone! Speaking of humps, I wanted to share details of my first off-roading experience with you!  I wore this casual grunge outfit with Converse All-Stars and a comfy swing tee pocketed dress and a feather choker set I got from Duck & Dressing, a clothing shop owned by one of the Duck Dynasty crew.

My husband had planned to attend a “last blast” fishing and camping trip with some friends from college.  One of the guys in the group was just a few weeks short of his first-born’s due date. Excitingly but to kink their plans, the baby came exactly 1 day before their trip (Congrats y’all, he is beautiful)! Brad ended up staying home. This was fortunate because I felt borderline sick, exhausted, and sore from my intense allergy testing Thursday.  On Sunday, we decided to take a relaxing drive up to Jumping Off Rock, a 20-ish mile off-roading loop, with a beautiful view of Jocassee Lake in the middle, so we could do something, but I could still rest…

The first thing I learned is that off-roading is SO fun– but not the least bit relaxing!  We drove over water, trees, and rocks, under trees, through mud, uphill, downhill, and jounced over countless humps and bumps again!  Needless to say, my IT band, abdomen, and glutes are sore from tensing up and consistently working to stablize myself through the long ride.

The view though- WOW, so absolutely worth it and I will be sharing more in a post later this month! Everything we read online said the trail loop, called Horsepasture Road, was open from March to May. We only saw one vehicle come from the opposite way, so we continued around the loop and down the mountain around 2:30 in order to return to Greenville by 4:10 (per my GPS). When we came to about mile 13 I was rather over the bumpiness and ready to get to smooth asphalt.  We turned the corner and a big red gate was locked shut.

Now, very anxious to get back in order to teach my yoga class at 5, we did a 3-point turn and FLEW back through the entire majority of the loop, which was much more difficult toward the road block! Luckily I made it back just in time to run into my house, change, and drive straight to the studio!  I was so stressed about getting back that teaching was a relief and it turned out to be a great class with beautiful, fun energy.

In my defense, our friends told us it was 45 minutes to the top and we left our house at 11 AM, so I figured we would get home about 3:30 if we lingered for a half hour. Sometimes things just work out alright.

Anyway, after yoga we grabbed dinner at our absolute favorite local joint, Willy Taco, then I went straight to bed once home! Sometimes our expectations or plans just do not align with reality

I will be sharing more pictures from the top in a post mid-April, but today I wanted to show you an easy, casual yet cute uniform that you could throw together for an off-roading ride, a street festival, concert, movie, or really anything!  This is not something I would wear to work and I last wore this outfit to a Brand New and Modest Mouse concert last year. Scroll to the bottom to shop this post!




Did anyone else have entire weekend plans that changed completely? Let me know in the comment box below if you are interested to know more about this location or how to get to the main viewpoint.

Happy Wednesday!
With Joy, Audrey


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