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Wishlist Wednesday One

Happy hump day everyone! I have been feeling a tad under the weather this week. Does anyone else feel like fatigue and malaise follow you during the busiest weeks?

Regardless, I wanted to share some items I have had my eye on lately.  A wishlist Wednesday! I truly could create a new wishlist daily, but I try to strategize my purchases. I empathize Erin Loechner’s book description where she details her rollercoaster yearning for both minimalism as well as more (things).

Lately, I have been focusing on neutral basics, including simple tank tops, pocketed tees, sports bras, and work appropriate tops in white, black, brown, and beiges. In the past year, I let my closet and clothing dwindle down to an alarming rate. I’m very good at letting go of items I will no longer wear and I was on an unofficial spending designed to pay off debt. I think I made major Goodwill drops 7-8 times in 2016.  I’ve made three trips to Goodwill this year. The trips mostly consist of items I hung onto in last years’ major clean out. If you are looking to pare down, read one of my favorite books, “The Magic of Tidying Up” but Marie Kondo. It will change your life.

I love getting direct messages on facebook or instagram. Let me know if you find any cute items or what you think I am missing in my closet. Sometimes it helps to have an outside point of view!


With Joy,


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