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Networking at UP on the Roof

Happy Humpday Everyone! I am getting back to a consistent blog schedule after several vacations. Blogging is a hobby I do outside of my 8-5 work as a regulatory specialist, my daily yoga practice, run, lifting, or cycle, teaching yoga, spending time with my husband, and keeping up household.

After I started blogging, I joined the Greenville Bloggers Union and recently went to my first Greenville Blog Society Meetup.  These networking events are so filling and motivating as blogging can be draining at times.

The Greenville Blog Society meeting was hosted by Up on the Roof, a beautiful rooftop bar overlooking Greenville with what is easily one of the best views of downtown Greenville. Up is located on the rooftop of Embassy Suites beside the Reedy River.

Some refreshments were provided and I highly recommend the pimiento cheese biscuits, quesadillas, and Wagyu steak, that I have purchased twice on separate visits. I loved the strawberry thyme Bourbon-based cocktail and I have only had great views and drinks there.


It was wonderful to catch up with an old coworker-turned friend, Jhami. Check out his foodie adventures over at




SHOES (Old Sole Society). I love THESE. and THESE.

Be sure to check out UP on the Roof if you are in Greenville, SC.


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  1. Jhami says:

    Thanks for the tag!