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My favorite Barbour Jacket

I will keep this post short and sweet.  I have wanted a Barbour coat for a while and my hubby gifted this one to me for Christmas! He also has one I bought him a couple years ago so we are matchy!

This coat is definitely not cheap, but it has been perfect for this mild South Carolina winter and I definitely think.  I find that it is warm enough for windy days yet thin enough to throw on and off at the office.  It has a heavy weight to it and is made of superior quality from your typically big box mall store coats.  I took a size 4, which is the smallest offered, in the womens Barbour Beadnell Jacket. This coat is waxed and my husband and I send ours back to the manufacturer, through Orvis of Greenville, and they clean, repair, and redip our coats in wax for $30 each.  It is a great way to care for your investment.

I am also still loving all the Stella & Dot jewelry.  This layered jewelry is so in and it is so easy to create a put together look with jewelry!

On a more personal note, I am exhausted tonight. I think God put the words in my head from my Monday post, Monday Matters: 5 Ways to Feel Confident When You’re Stuck in a Rut, to prep me for this week.  It has been a rough one that I have not enjoyed at all… and it is somehow STILL Tuesday.  I am working to practice what I preach, but ALL MOTIVATION and encouragement is much appreciated!  I think it is important to vocalize life struggles rather than internalize them or put up an online (or in-person) “appearance” that you are perfect and have everything together.  Much of the time putting up a perfect front makes a person read as uppity, intimidating, or worse yet- fake! Being honest with myself and others helps me build friendships and stay real- which is half of what this blog is about. So here is my real: I could seriously stay in bed the rest of the week!

I hope you have a wonderful Wednesday! Scroll to the bottom to shop this post! <3

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 3

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 2

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 5

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 7

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 6

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 12

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 10

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 1

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 13

Barbour Jacket & Matching Hat 11


With Joy, Audrey


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