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My Birthday Wishlist

Happy Thursday!

We are officially to the weekend’s eve and the end of March! Since my birthday is just a couple weeks away I have been screen shopping and gathering birthday ideas for my hubby and parents! Maybe I am actually a four-year old or maybe everyone else still makes a birthday wishlist? I certainly expect nothing, but it is always fun to create a list- just in case someone is feeling generous! 🙂

We also paid off my student loans last month with huge help and encouragement from my sweet hubby but I prefer to invest in adventures rather than physical items.  I consider myself frugal and I realize much of these items are very pricey. Nevertheless, I know I enjoy seeing bloggers’ wishlist posts, so I hope you enjoy this as well!

My Birthday Wishlist

1. Louis Vuitton Neverful GM – I have literally wanted this bag since I knew what Louis Vuitton was. It may remain a pipe dream, but I have read this is the best all-rounded LV starter tote. I had great experience (15 months and counting) with my Tory Burch tote, so I definitely feel designer pieces are worth the investment.

2. Sam Edelman Henna Sandal Bow Slides – I am obsessed with pink and bows! I featured these in my 2017 shoe trend post, and they are up there at the top of my birthday wishlist!

3. Calpak luggage Duo in White marble – My hubby and I are planning a trip and I have been interested in switching to a hard case for a while. These are beautiful, lightweight, and sturdy!

4. Round Beach Towel – I love the colorful round beach towels! I just want them for the eccentric shape and fun design!

5. Levi 721 Ripped Knee Denim Jeans – A fun, summery pair of jeans in a modern cut and classic reliability. This style was popular last year and sold out already again this year, but I am pretty good at scouring the ‘net for my size! The pale washes and knee cut-outs are both on-trend.

6. Madewell Muscle Tank – If it has stripes I am in! I love the Americana vibe of this muscle tank and anything of “Madewell” quality is beautiful. These colors are classic and this is the type of item you will get tired of seeing me in!

7. Dolce Vita Beige Mules– One of my favorite bloggers, Emily Gemma of featured these in a few recent posts and I fell in love with them! The mule style is here to stay and the perforated pattern is cool for spring and summer. I love how mules elongate your legs!

8. Ruffle and gingham clothing – I occasionally look at everything on’s new arrivals, and ‘save’ items I would like. When I revisited my ‘saved list’ I noticed I had saved red gingham, yellow gingham, blue gingham, AND black gingham! I also plan to stock up on ruffles and off-the-shoulder looks this spring, while they are so easy to find. These styles are so feminine, flirty, and fun! It is a far cry from all the oversized boxy tops and sweaters that prevailed 3-5 years ago, and they are welcome to stick around as long as they like!

9. Black Gucci Belt – Just last summer I gave away all but 2 belts! Now they are swinging back in style and I am obsessed with this one. I hope to invest in this later this summer.

10. Boater Hat – I love the style and preppiness of the boater hat! It goes with sundresses to swimwear and can be worn from a golf tournament to out on the town.  I love this hat~

You can shop all these items and more that I like by clicking the pictures below:


My hubby is going on a camping and fishing trip this weekend with his college buddies, so I plan to invest the entire weekend to planning future posts, working on content for you all, and tweaking some things on this site. I will not post Friday since I want to spend time with him before he leaves and I will begin my site work. Look for a new post on Monday!

Although I am a strong empath, I am generally very introverted and am not the best with ‘on the cuff’ debate or stranger conversation, so I really love sharing my thoughts, passions, and musings with you all. Seriously ask my husband- I called a guy we were talking to at the gym Tuesday OLD accidentally! I was convincing him to come to my yoga class and blurted out, “Oh, lots of old people come!” Total foot-in-my mouth moment when I meant was that it is not just 20 year old women!

I feel I can express myself genuinely and unabashedly on this platform, as well as express my love and care for you via my blog posts. Consequently, if anyone has any suggestions for my blog, blog post request, topics you are interested in, and even constructive criticism, I am honored and grateful for any feedback. Remember you can DM me on Instagram, email me at, facebook message, or stop me in person if you ever have a suggestion or just want to chat! I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Final Thoughts:

Remember that you are a beautiful soul and you were put on this Earth to weave through peoples’ lives intentionally. You have a purpose and your words are powerful so do not underestimate yourself and be weary of your effect on others.  Be kind to others. Be kind to you- love yourself this weekend and do something that truly makes you happy!

With Joy,


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