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Meet Audrey: The Background of “The Audrey Reel”

The Audrey Reel is a lifestyle blog devoted to fashion, fitness, health, art, beauty, young money managing, and self-improvement, confidence growth, and personal inspiration through said outlets.  The Audrey Reel has been the brainchild of my imagination since I graduated college in 2012.  Creativity was instilled in me at a young age; I went to art camp in elementary school, took AP Studio Art, and minored in Studio art in college.  I managed an Etsy account in school and designed shirts for my sorority.  I graduated The University of South Carolina with a Bachelors of Science in Chemistry.  I am persevering to maintain my other right-brained passions outside my primary career.

Though we grew up very modestly, my mother sewed us matching dresses and overalls and always dressed my siblings and I alike.  She taught me the value of quality over quantity and fine fabrics at young age!  I always knew how to sew a button, work hard, do chores, and work smart to allow more free time to myself.  I worked retail in high school and always admired my classmates’ outfits growing up.  I was the only one in my family to aspire and enjoy playing with makeup.  I am an avid fashion and lifestyle blog reader since college and am intrigued at the thought of starting my own blog as a way of compiling my art, yoga.  Today I am finally writing my initial post.

Directly after college, I found my soulmate, got engaged, purchased a home, and picked up fly fishing and yoga.  I always played sports throughout my youth, especially soccer, but never greatly excelled at a particular one.  My coworker invited me to “hot yoga” and I fell in love with the new challenge and how much I felt “worked-out” as I was dripping in sweat. I attended classes weekly from then forward.  I took Yoga Teacher Training at Zanti Power Yoga in Spring of 2016, shortly after I was married, and later expanded my love of yoga to learning about the body and proper nutrition.  I could write for days about my love of yoga, but I will save that for a later post.

I learned after graduation that in order to create time to manage our new home, our marriage, work full time, and still use my creative genes, I would need to continually grow, improve my time management, and be smart with our money.  As a result I commonly listen to podcasts, read self-improvement books, meditate, create goals, reanalyze them, and jot down notes about it often.  I have learned a lot of useful information and love to share it.

In hopes to contain my love of fashion, fitness, beauty, art, and interest in self-improvement, I have finally began my first official blog.  I have attempted to start a blog before, but I felt inspired after officially teaching yoga to allow myself this creative outlet. I began to make concrete steps to bring this to fruition. A ‘reel’ is defined as a string of photographs or ideas. It can be a fishing ‘reel,’ which has also been a source of inspiration for me.  It also describes a dance or stagger; we are all just staggering and dancing through life trying to soak up every image and memory that flies by.  This is my inspiration, idea, and photo reel.  I want to be ‘real,’ modest, and straightforward in my delivery of each blog post.

Teaching yoga inspired and inspires me; I love to share the confidence growth and inner-reflection I received from it in a time of unknown.  It reminds me that we all experience the same human emotion, long for similar success and happiness, and that we are all different points of the path in the journey that is life. Ultimately, I know that there is a class-room size limit to who I can reach.  I hope that this blog becomes a way for me to reach you outside of my yoga studio.  My hope is that you find something beautiful, useful, or inspiring on this blog.  I love to share information and collaborate so feel free to reach out to me via any social network.  The best way to contact me about my blog is via email at Have a wonderful day and happy reading!

With Joy, Audrey


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