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It Actually Works: Lipsense Kisses by Kel

Happy Humpday beautiful soul! First, I plan to get a little personal. Then, I will proceed to share a new product I have tested, love, and has made my excessive long days as of late a little easier: SeneGence/ Lipsense Kisses by Kel.


If you follow along on my Instagram and stories @theaudreyreel, you may have seen me share that I have been mentally taxed this summer. I have been planning and attending bachelorette parties and weddings. Our family vacations are spread out monthly this summer, which is nice, but disrupts my schedule. I’m blogging and writing and planning. My husband and I have adjusted our diets for my excessive allergies. I have been practicing yoga daily and teaching every Friday at 6:30 PM. Finally, I am taking over at work for a coworker on maternity leave and starting a new project. (I write safety data sheets, among other things, as a Regulatory Specialist for a chemical company in Greenville.) All while trying to maintain some sense of consistency, schedule, and a social life.

My purpose for sharing all this is not to complain. I am so blessed in my life and know these are obviously first world problems. Regardless, lately I have felt an urge to put my emotions and stress out into the world.  Perhaps God is calling me to share that although ‘Instagram life’ seems beautiful, I experience periods of anxiety and loneliness.

I know I am not alone in this thought. We are all working through life trying to raise kids, pay the bills, make more money, stay healthy, live in the moment, love those closest to you, and enjoy some moments along the journey.

I definitely fall into comparing myself to others, and some weeks it feels like I work my tail off to end the week 10 steps further behind. At the end of the day I want to portray a true, ‘real’ or ‘reel’ message of truth. If you empathize or feel mutually, please take this as a reminder that you are not alone in whatever your journey through life currently entails. Whether you have recently dealt with illness, a breakup, depression, anxiety, or perhaps simply felt insecure and treated yourself harshly, you are not in this alone!

Although it seems common knowledge that social media derives and fuels the modern-day evil of comparison and feeling that we are never enough (or that someone is always better), we still let it overwhelm us at times.

My best advice for you is to come back to your foundation. Your home. What makes your heart happy and fills you up from the inside out. Perhaps it is family, your job, your spouse, the ocean. Whatever really makes you forget to look at your phone, make a point to make some time to do that TODAY. If not TODAY, then this WEEKEND.

On a lighter note, I wanted to share what has been going great: MY LIPS. In all seriousness, when I feel exhausted, I practice self care. I paint my nails or take a couple hours to get dressed up, and my confidence lifts. I feel like I can accomplish just a little more than I thought possible.


When Kelli Pratt with Kisses by Kel contacted me to test the viral lip brand, SeneGence/Lipsense out, I was intrigued. I had seen all the silly videos, you know, the boomerangs of girls swiping their lipstick to reveal a smudge-less smile and clean fingertip, all over facebook. Although I was curious because I love to try the youtube makeup cult favorites, I do not easily give into gimmicky products and I am unafraid to voice my opinion if I am unimpressed.

I was also skeptical that just receiving a color chosen from an online selection would look decent on me. When I received the adorable package of Lipsense Kisses by Kel 2 days later, I was pleasantly surprised by the ease of application, color, and that it ACTUALLY WORKED.

The brand reads, “LipSense is an amazing, long-lasting, waterproof, kiss proof, cruelty-free lip color made in the USA.” My hubby, Brad, is always hesitant to kiss me when I am wearing my usual MAC lippie, but after showing him that it actually stays on, he was impressed. We are always pro-local and for any product made domestically. Cruelty-free is a huge bonus and zinger for me, as most cosmetics are tested on animals (I read about chemical lethal dosage testing in my day job daily). Finally, I do not have time to reapply makeup all day, so I was excited to see if this stuff was as truly long-lasting as claimed. Honestly, who has the time!?

Lipsense Kisses by Kel

I first applied the suggested 3 coats 10 seconds apart around 10 AM at work the next day. I did not think much about it because it feels light and once dry, absolutely does not smudge. It is reminiscent of nail polish, but less thick or permanent. The starter kit came with an ‘Oops remover,’ a gloss, and a color.

I had 2 cups of coffee and went to lunch. After a post-lunch teeth check, I was surprised to see it remaining exactly as I had applied it. I applied a second coat of gloss. Though impressed, I knew my hot yoga practice would be the ultimate test. My daily 95 degree vinyasa yoga practice, that I normally leave soaked in sweat, would be a much more realistic test.

Fast forward to 6:45 PM, sitting up from savasana (the final, lying down pose) and I sat up and almost laughed at myself in the mirror. ALL. -of my mascara runs off in yoga. I have come to expect it. My lips, however, were as pink a barbie house! It caught me off guard and was comical as I looked a literal ‘hot mess’ (okay last time I will use that phrase) with movie-star lips. I wiped it off with a makeup remover wipe at home after a shower. It lasts me every bit of 8 hours wear and I do not usually wear it longer.

I am wearing the Lipsense color, ROSEBERRY, in the pictures below.

If you need to simplify your daily routine, contact Kelly for a classic red or pink hue.

You can contact her on Instagram at @KISSESBYKELon Facebook at Kisses by Kel. It is truly worth the hype.

Know that everyone falls into a rut, no matter his or her social appearance. Remember ruts are only short-term. Behind the world of social media profiles, everyone feels the same negative emotions and setbacks.

Work smart, not hard, do things that fill your foundation. Find self-love or compliment yourself at the end of the every day.



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2 responses to “It Actually Works: Lipsense Kisses by Kel”

  1. Kelly says:

    So happy to hear you loved LipSense ! It is so good for your lips and makes them feel baby soft right??

    • Audrey says:

      Kelly, It did make them feel SO soft. I have easily chapped lips and I felt like it helped that top layer of skin peel off easily leaving post-scrubbed like lips!