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GIRL BOSS: A Netflix Original Series and Book Review

Girl Boss Review


Our last free weekend before Belize was rainy and slow. We had a rare free evening and my hubby was browsing Netflix. He ran across something he said sounded like something I would like and started it. It only took a couple minutes to realize that it was the Netflix original series based on Sophia Amorusa’s book, Girl Boss. Girl Boss is a biography and motivational story detailing her rise from teenage rebel with no clear path and rejection of society to being CEO of major online fashion guru brand,

The first episode flew by and both Brad and I were hooked! We watched nearly the entire first season the weekend before our trip to Belize and I knew I wanted to finally read the book. I have carried this book around at Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, and had it in my cart numerous times but I made the purchase for whatever reason. I suppose timing is everything because I was a quarter way into the book by the time our boat landed on Ambergris Caye and finished it halfway through our trip.

The book was very informative, motivating, and full of gritty straight advice. Amorusa details exactly how much passion and effort getting to the top makes. It is also interesting to hear how her entire life accumulated to land her to the career path she is in now when she had no direct aim, career path, or goals to start. She simply played to her strengths and did not take her own weaknesses personally. The story shows that she confidently does her own thing and her unabashed individuality played a key role in her success.

It is a very easy read, full of funny anecdotes, and relates to the “nasty gal” she pulls out of her readers and all those she seems to come in contact with. It was the perfect read for my vacation and it is great to get the background to the Netflix series.

Although based on the book and directed by Sophia Amorusa, Girl Boss original series is a little different than the book. The show gives more detail and life to some of the anecdotes from the book for more entertainment and less detail for the business side and self-motivating ideals of her fashion store and website, Both the book and series are hilarious, entertaining, and relatable. Sophia Amorusa’s persona and personality grabs you and you can empathize with her emotion- or lack thereof- throughout the storyline.

If you’re looking for an entertaining eccentric character and true story, watch the show. If you are looking for personal motivation in your own brand, individuality, and perseverance, read the book. Most likely you will find that one will either make you run out to the nearest bookstore or log on to Netflix ASAP!

If you are looking for a good show this weekend, turn on GIRL BOSS. Comment below if you have read the book or watched the series. What was your opinion of it?

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Girl Boss Review


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  1. Susan says:

    Sounds good!
    I will have to watch this show 🙂