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VII Skincare: Fix Undereye Circles

My dark undereye circles are an insecurity.  Dark circles are exacerbated by allergies and my night-owl tendencies, but are ever-present even when I have slept like a baby. I have tried every natural and synthetic remedy. I rotate drinking more water, soaking up cucumbers, baking soda scrubs, retinols, brightening serums, and hyaluronic acid. When VII Code skincare offered to send me their O2M Oxygen Eye Mask to help fix undereye circles, I was more than happy to give it a test run.

They quickly shipped me a set of under eye masks. I opened up the sleek packaging that evening to test the first set. The VII Code set last designed to be worn overnight 2-3 times a week, for 3 weeks.  The contoured and malleable pads fit comfortably under your eye. One side is solid and the other is a cooling, thick, soft, gel-like layer of product that will gently sticks to your skin so your face can adsorb the nutrients. The thick layer of product diminishes with time and you literally adsorb the product into your skin.

The first night, I fell asleep quickly. The eye masks are supposed to remain on your eyes for 8 hours overnight and I am quite a wiggler at night as well as a stomach or side sleeper, so I infer that they did not last long the first night. Although I believe the pads fell off in an hour or two, I did appear fresh and brighter than normal. We had a trip planned to Belize and I knew I would have plenty of free time, so I decided to bring them along.

I was much more relaxed and slept at least until 6 AM with the masks on. I woke up feeling refreshed and could not believe the effects. The masks made my skin look magazine model-esque. My cheekbones and under eyes are soft and moisturized, yet firm and smooth from the masks.

I am unusually sensitive to skincare and makeup due to my excessive allergies, so I was sure to check the ingredients before accepting. I did not see anything harsh but it does not take long for me to figure out if I am allergic to a new product. Fortunately, I had no reaction to any products. This speaks so well of the masks because I take new products back to Sephora nearly every other trip due to reactions.

My skin is super thin so the blood in my capillaries shows through in a dark blue tint. I am also very thin so my skin has a line where my bone structure is, exaggerating my circles at times. These masks both thickened my skin and fill my skin with moisture to smooth the entire area.

I continued to use the masks until they were gone. I plan to buy some for the future. I think they would be especially useful for a tired bride or before photos or major events. It is one of few products for under eye circles with which I been impressed. I highly recommend the VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks! To learn more about this product, or order, check out their website HERE. Follow their instagram page HERE.

Happy Thursday and check back Friday for a new outfit post!


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