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My Dad, Number One

Happy Wednesday already! I had this post planned for Monday or Tuesday, but have been fighting something and sleeping constantly the past 3 days.

This past Sunday was Father’s Day. We had an early dinner with my siblings and parents of barbecue, watermelon, cantaloupe, beans, and macaroni and cheese!  For Father’s day, some of my siblings and I joined in to buy my Dad a serious electric chainsaw! Because can you really beat the manliness of a chainsaw? I think not.

You can see we have quite a huge family. This whole picture shows Dad’s legacy- kids, grandkids, and sons-in-law- all standing in the home he built 25 years ago. My Dad has becomes more laid back with time, but has never lost touch with his Dad joke game or one-liners! Just look at that face! 🙂 Dad is the most hardworking person I have ever met in my life. His stubborn persistence and perseverance is unmatched in this world and he never looks back with regret. Dad is so selfless that it is hard to buy him gifts. He literally asks for nothing! However, he is so active and works in the yard so often that his chainsaw was overdue (not to mention a tree just fell in their yard last weekend!) I am lucky to have the creative thought, drive, and persistence he has. I am only able to do as much as I am now because of his sacrifices.

Dad has gotten into serious shape lately between biking with my Mom and coming to my yoga classes.  I am so proud that they stay in shape to the point that some days they are more active than their kids. After dinner, my parents, hubby, and sisters came to my last yoga class at my home studio, Zanti Power Yoga. I imagine that my Dad never expected to try, much less become a practitioner of Power Yoga, but his practice has really taken off (shoutout to his crow pose)! Either way, it is nice to have a support system for the things I love. It will do wonders for your golf swing.

My YTT buddy Wednesday and a few of my friends and regulars stuck around for a beer and photo afterward. You can find me at the new studio, Soul Yoga, Friday at 6:30 PM, beginning June 23.  It just so happens that I teach the $5 Fridays class, so anyone can attend my class on a budget!

I hope you had a wonderful Father’s Day Dad! I love you and you deserve all the best in the world!

With Joy,



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  1. Louis says:

    How can you be so sweet?