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Chartreuse Casual Friday

Happy Friday Everyone!

I wanted to share my favorite chartreuse crossbody by Rebecca Minkoff, in addition to notifying everyone on this perfect staple Free People Malibu thermal top that is 40% OFF NOW.

The Malibu Thermal comes in over ten vivid colors from neutrals to pastels and primary colors.  First of all, it has a long round-cut neck that is flattering with on-trend chokers.  The back is longer to wear with leggings and provide extra fabric to cover your booty and stay warm.  Most importantly, the sleeves have thumbholes to keep your hands warm for those days that start out a little colder, an attribute South Carolina weather loves to flaunt this time of year.  A link to the sale at Nordstrom is at the bottom of the pictures.  I have this top in ivory and just ordered it in mint for spring.  Consequently it does require a gentle wash and hang-dry to keep the unfinished seams from fraying.  Yet my vote is that it’s definitely worth the extra care.

Chartreuse Casual Friday 3

Chartreuse Casual Friday 2

Chartreuse Casual Friday 4

Chartreuse Casual Friday 6

Chartreuse Casual Friday 5

Chartreuse Casual Friday 10

Chartreuse Casual Friday 9





Our Week

It has felt like such a long week for my husband and I.  He had a big meeting and I had work, an Etsy commission piece to paint, a yoga teacher training alumna dinner, several personal yoga practices, two classes, and oh- I almost forgot to mention Valentine’s Day!  It was perfect timing and inspiring to receive the Etsy commission.  I only have one yoga class and some blog posts to write this weekend, so my goal is to put my inspiration to use.  I want to complete five finished paintings for my Etsy shop or eventual blog shop.

It has been a while since we have had a weekend at home to catch up on life.  Two weekends ago I went on a bachelorette party to Orlando and two girls on the trip also brought their neon green and chartreuse bags to pair with our little black dresses.  It was completely unplanned.  Unfortunately the dark dye on my dress bled onto the bright bag.  Furthermore, if I find a way to clean it I will write a blog post about it! Sidenote: I did set out to completely match this mural wall!

Let me know in the comments below if there are any themes or ideas you would like to see painted.  I will post progress to my Instagram story.  Let me know if you purchase one of the thermal tops or if you also have a chartreuse crossbody!

With Joy, Audrey

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  1. Susan says:

    That bag is so fun and you found the perfect backdrop!!! LOVE!