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Welcome to THE AUDREY REEL, a lifestyle and fashion blog.


Hi, how are you today?  I hope you answered wonderful, but this is real life so I empathize with you, however you responded.

My name is Audrey Duncan and I am obviously the Editor of this page or reel of ideas!  This is my hub for all things life, style, fashion, beauty, fitness, and inspiration.  Like many of you, I am tirelessly seeking to improve myself as a proper member of society and human being.  I am a generally quiet and shy person but find that I do have a lot of things I like to say and share.


My goal is to share the insight and creativity I have gathered in my twenty-seven years.  I hope you can apply the ideas and inspiration you find here to enrich your currently-beautiful life and improve YOUR well-being!  Life has only gotten more complex as I age so my current conjecture is that loving others, sharing genuinely, and living fearlessly can spark others’ creative and joyful flame which also lights your room twice as bright.  While we all experience pain and stress in life and it can seem like we are alone when reading others through their social media.  I want to connect with my readers with an online presence that real and down-to-earth.

You will find everything from life tips and hacks to beautiful fashion pieces that won’t rob your pockets to budget plans to yoga sequences to target a certain body part.  Take a look at my STYLE section for couture inspiration or jump directly to my WELLNESS section to work toward becoming our best self with me.  You can expect at least one post per weekday from my site.


Because we all have room to grow, I listen to every self-help podcast, audiobook, and read often.  I am a self-proclaimed fashionista, fitness queen, encouragement lover, and professional researcher.  I have a 200 Yoga Teacher Training Certification and a Bachelors in Chemistry from the University of South Carolina. I also have a Minor in Studio Art.  While I am a Regulatory Specialist at a chemical company, I also teach and practice yoga, blog, fly-fish, run, meditate, cook with my husband, paint, play club soccer, online “window-shop”, and hang out with friends and family in my free time.  I tend to be a bit melodramatic in my own mind.


Finally I am honored that you stumbled upon my blog and website and that you were interested to learn more. Please say hello or contact me with any questions through the form below, or email me at

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